Mentoring Program

The UVNR Mentoring Program grew out of recognition of the great need for services for refugee families beyond the limits of the RIWP and Pathways Program. RIWP services are anchored to the academic calendar, running from November-May each year. Pathways clients are limited to navigation in specific areas, and once 3  Pathways are completed, services must end. Thus, the UVNR Mentoring Program is able to address the gaps left by the RIWP and Pathways programs.

Newcomers can receive both short term and long term services through the this program. So far, UVNR staff has mentored 164 refugee adults and children in the following areas:

o   Early Childhood and K-12 Education

o   Legal Issues

o   Utilities and Housing

o   Public Benefits

o   Transportation

o   English as a Second Language

o   Mental and Physical Health

o   Financial Issues and Employment

o   Disability

Interested in learning more about the UVNR Mentoring program? Contact, Mohammed Alkwaz, project lead.