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We envision New Mexico leading the country in effective refugee resettlement and immigration policies and programs, which humanely support newcomers, build on and learn from the strengths that newcomers bring, and promote newcomer well-being and civic engagement in order to work towards a world where all individuals, families, and communities are able to reach their fullest potential.

  • Promoting mutual learning to help newcomers and others living in America understand each other and develop and support effective and just policies.

    Collaborating with other organizations, government agencies, and individuals to achieve our vision.

    Developing, implementing, adapting, evaluating, and disseminating programs that benefit newcomers, including the Refugee Well-being Project (an innovative model for connecting newcomers with people and resources in the United States to promote mutual learning and improve mental health).

    Building capacity and leadership skills of newcomers.

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Our newcomer-led team works with newcomer individuals, families, and communities because we value the strengths and knowledge they bring to the United States while recognizing the challenges they face upon resettlement here.

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