Martin Ndayisenga
Senior Community Advocate


Martin Ndayisenga has a diverse background in community advocacy and research. He previously served as a Community Advocate at UVNR, a Community-Based Research Specialist in the Department of Sociology at the University of New Mexico, and a Community Health Navigator in the Department of Community Health Initiatives at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences. His responsibilities included collecting research data through surveys and interviews, and facilitating and interpreting at weekly Refugee and Immigrant Well-being Project Learning Circles.

Additionally, Mr. Ndayisenga acts as a healthcare mentor, connecting at-risk residents to resources and monitoring their progress towards improved health outcomes. Originally from Burundi, he resettled in the United States under the UN resettlement program. Mr. Ndayisenga co-founded several newcomers' organizations, such as the Association of Burundian Americans in New Mexico (ABANM) and the Burundian Coalition in the United States of America (BCUSA). His refugee background and strong relationships within the newcomer community uniquely qualify him to recruit participants for initiatives like the Refugee and Immigrant Well-being Project and United Voices for Newcomer Rights. For more information, visit