Suha Amer
Evaluation Coordinator

Suha's story begins in Iraq, where she was born and raised. After earning her bachelor’s degree in teaching English as a foreign language, she worked as a middle and high school teacher. However, in 2007, war and religious persecution forced her to flee to the US with her three children. After leaving the Middle East, Suha moved to New Mexico.  

In Albuquerque, Suha taught for four years and co-directed a preschool. She then joined the research team for the Refugee and Immigrant Well-being Project (RIWP) at the University of New Mexico (UNM), where she earned a master's degree in Language Literacy and Sociocultural Studies.

Suha's journey of support and advocacy continued as an Arabic interpreter for Albuquerque Public Schools (APS), where she assisted refugee families. For the past 15 years, she has been deeply involved with newcomer populations through RIWP and United Voices for Newcomer Rights (UVNR), an organization she co-founded in 2015. She also co-authored the Mentoring Project, one of the significant initiatives at UVNR.

Currently, she serves as the Evaluation Coordinator for UVNR, designing evaluation tools and writing evaluation reports for the organization. As a key member of the research team, she contributes to study design, quantitative and qualitative analyses, and publications.

Recently, Suha has focused her advocacy on improving language and cultural access for newcomer students in APS, working with local organizations and the APS Board of Education. Her passion for supporting newcomer children and their families drives her to seek systemic changes that create better opportunities for them.

Suha firmly believes in empowering newcomers, viewing them as brave, strong, and capable of achieving their dreams despite the challenges they face. Her dedication and unwavering belief in the potential of newcomers inspire her every day to make a difference in their lives.